Decorating Your New Cabin To Create A Rustic Aura

If you just purchased a cabin in the woods, chances are you will want to decorate the inside so it is comfortable and pleasing to those who view it. Many people stick with a rustic theme when decorating a cabin. Here are a few ideas you can use in your own cabin to make it feel festive and outdoorsy as a result.

Personalize A Wood Table

Consider purchasing wood furniture to place in your living area to expand the outdoor feeling to the inside of the home. One fun way to dress up a wood coffee table is with the addition of photographs. Select several photographs of your family and friends or scenic and wildlife shots to use as your focal point.

Add a dab of wood glue to the back of each photo and then place them face-side up on the surface of the table. This can be done in as a collage. Use shellac to secure the photos in place. This will dry and harden, leaving your photos under a clear, protective coating. This table will sure to become a conversation piece and will look great in your new home.

Add A Border Of Tracks

A whimsical way to dress up your cabin's walls is with a border of wildlife tracks. Purchase rubbers stamps with track patterns upon them. A deer print, bear claw print, and wolf print would work well. Dip each stamp into paint and transpose the tracks directly on the cabin's interior walls. This can be done randomly around the living room, or you can dress up the area right beneath the ceiling with structured track print patterns. This is a fun way to bring some of the outdoors into your cabin decor.

Incorporate Wildlife Into The Mix

Consider selecting your favorite wild animal to use as a theme for your living room decor. A bear, fox, or even a moose can be great choices. When you go shopping, be on the lookout for photographs, wall hangings, fleece blankets, and statues with the desired animal incorporated into the design.

Make a handy set of coasters for your table out of wood pieces with animal photographs glued to them. Have someone do an embroidery kit with your desired animal theme and display it proudly on your fireplace mantle. Collect figurines of your favorite animal and place them on shelves or in a curio cabinet in the room. You will find using a theme is a fun way to decorate your cabin and it will give you great joy each time you find an appropriate piece during your travels.