Caring For And Showcasing Your Sterling Silver Thimble Collection

Whether you are an experienced thimble collector or a newcomer to the hobby, showing off your prized possessions to others is likely to be on your mind. Sterling silver thimbles have a pristine appearance if they are cared for properly. Here are some ideas to ensure your thimbles are seen and appreciated by others Take The Time To Clean Often Like all collectibles on display, your thimble collection needs routine care to keep pieces looking their absolute best. [Read More]

Learn How To Start Teaching Your Child Embroidery

Needlepoint can be a great way for children to build hand-eye coordination. When first starting to teach a child how to do needlepoint, consider creating a pattern for them to follow to ensure that they are interested in the embroidery that they create. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to help your child learn how to do Christmas embroidery on their own. Start with a Plastic Guide [Read More]

Decorating Your New Cabin To Create A Rustic Aura

If you just purchased a cabin in the woods, chances are you will want to decorate the inside so it is comfortable and pleasing to those who view it. Many people stick with a rustic theme when decorating a cabin. Here are a few ideas you can use in your own cabin to make it feel festive and outdoorsy as a result. Personalize A Wood Table Consider purchasing wood furniture to place in your living area to expand the outdoor feeling to the inside of the home. [Read More]

3 Popular Filipino Martial Arts Weapons

The Philippines has a very unique martial arts culture. Much of it centers on the use of weapons and is in direct contrast to Chinese and Korean martial arts styles such as Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. The fighting style is sometimes called Eskrima or Kali. Whichever name you use, it describes a fighting style that integrates knives and short stick weapons. Here is a list of three of the most popular weapons. [Read More]