How Playing With Building Blocks Can Help Your Child Lay A Solid Learning Foundation

When it comes to child's play, building blocks have a lot to offer in terms of child development. Not only are blocks fun and entertaining for your child to explore, but blocks can also enhance your child's early learning development. Every child should have access to blocks at home and at school to help them lay a great foundation of learning.

Blocks encourage creativity

From toddlers up, blocks are a great way for your child to explore their unique creativity. Big soft blocks are a great choice for young children. Toddlers will enjoy lining up soft blocks across the floor or stacking them up to see how high they can build before the blocks topple.

Older children can create forts with large soft blocks or design a scene from their favorite TV show or movie by combining blocks with other toys and household items. They may design a racetrack to race their toy cars and trucks in. 

Blocks help your child problem solve

Children who play with blocks will learn how to problem solve by determining how many blocks it takes to build a tower or how many blocks they need to build a makeshift roadway across the floor. This allows the child to learn critical thinking skills even at a young age.

Blocks can help with math

Blocks are a great way to teach your child simple math equations. For instance, you can hand blocks to a young toddler while counting each one. This is sure to be a fun activity for your child that will help them learn basic counting skills. Blocks are also a great visual aid for teaching simple addition and subtraction to a school-aged child.

Blocks can help develop self-esteem

You child's confidence will grow as they experiment with building blocks to create unique things. As you praise your child for their accomplishments, they will grow in their confidence and will be inspired to create even more fun things to show you.

Older children will enjoy sharing their favorite creations by taking pictures to send to their friends of an amazing building they designed with blocks. The positive feedback they get is sure boost their confidence to build more great things.

Building blocks have been a favorite toy of children for decades and continue to intrigue toddlers and school-age children alike. They offer numerous options for creative play and will help your child build a learning foundation that will benefit them for years to come. Contact a company that sells children's big building blocks to learn more.