3 Paint Supplies To Purchase When Painting With A Child

A super fun craft to do with your child is painting. It gives them the opportunity to get their imagination flowing and practice a skill that they likely don't get the opportunity to practice very often. However, when it comes to painting with a child, especially a small child, it is important that you are well prepared before you begin so that everything is kid-safe and kid-friendly. This article will discuss 3 paint supplies to purchase when painting with a child. 

Washable Paints

Children are notorious for spilling things and getting them on places where they don't belong, so in order to be safe, it is in your best interest to get paints that are washable. This not only ensures that things don't get ruined if the paints happen to spill on them, but it is also a safer form of paint for your child to use because it is water-based. These paints are often found in the craft or office sections of most stores, and have it labeled right on the front that they are in fact washable. 

A Large Tarp

No matter where in your home you and your child are doing your painting, it is a good idea to purchase a large tarp to put down on the surrounding floor. This tarp will protect your floors, and will allow you to enjoy painting with your child, rather than worrying about the mess that they are making. Tarps can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, so finding one to fit the particular area that you would like it to shouldn't be a problem at all. Also, because you will be buying washable paint, you can simply wash the tarp off when you are done and store it until you paint again. Keep in mind that purchasing an extra tarp or table cloth is also great for protecting your table. 

Protective Clothing

First of all, it is best to put your child in old clothing that you don't really care too much about. But then you should also place some type of protective clothing or gear on them to help out even more. This can be a clear plastic poncho that covers their whole body or a plastic apron that covers the main area where they would get paint. There are some really fun protective pieces of clothing made for kids that have designs and pockets to hold their paint brushes, so getting your child excited about wearing one shouldn't be a problem. 

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